Art Monthly Article

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Yolande Norris wrote an article about my work at the beginning of this year, and it has been published in Art Monthly Australia. The article is titled ‘Talbet Fulthorpe and the art of preservation’ and I think it covers some really great points about what I have been trying to do with my work.

If you are interested you can read the article on Yolande’s blog here.

Seems Like It’s Stopped Raining

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‘Seems like it’s stopped raining’ is a new animation by Talbet Fulthorpe. The piece explores memory, and how natural phenomena can touch us in a way that illuminates everyday life. It features fish. Raining.

2nd September – 13th September

M16 Artspace
16 Mildura Street Fyshwick

Jangil (Homesick) – 2009

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Jangil (Homesick) from Talbet Fulthorpe on Vimeo.

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M16 Show

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I have a show coming up at M16 gallery in Canberra. Opening on 3rd of September. More info to come

Living on the Threshold

Artwork 18 October 2008 | Comments Off

Living on the Threshold is an interactive work about the balance between the city and the natural horizon. Whereas once cities were placed into the landscape, our suburban and inner-city lives have become so ubiquitous we have begun to place the landscape back into the city. This is taking place in the form of parks and gardens, small pockets of ‘non-city’ were people go to escape their surrounds without ever leaving.

The piece reacts to sound; as the noise level in the gallery increases, images of the city begin to bleed into the image replacing the shot of the botanical garden. This piece was installed in the Openframe show, curated by Christopher Fullham.

Jangil (Homesick)

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Jangil (Homesick) is an interactive artwork developed in 2007 and 2008. This multimedia work incorporates 3d modeling and game engine technology to create an immersive environment in which the audience can experience an intimate region of Australia through an alternate perspective.

While exploring this environment, the user is guided by the voice of my Grandfather, Richard Ball, as he relates his experience of the landscape that is represented on screen. As an indigenous artist my work seeks to investigate modern relationships between Australian people and the landscape they inhabit. In recent years, the expansion of cities and towns across the east coast has irreversibly changed the Australian landscape. This piece is an exploration of my own personal history and examines my family’s native land, as it existed before the rapid development of the mid 20th century.

untitled Photoseries

Artwork 8 July 2008 | Comments Off

In this series of photos I tried to create images of the landscape with signs of human influence removed. By stacking multiple layers and removing the buildings from the top layer, I could reveal areas of natural environment from different shots, while still leaving an outline of the information removed.